A Past..

​I am scared.. I just can’t able to understand what should I do now ?? Whenever I return to my home town why do my past comes infront of me, in my thoughts ?? Why ?? Why me ?? Why not anyone else ?? Why do I feel like I will lose everything I have, even you ??  

I don’t wanna lose you ??  You are my strength, my energy, my believe, my happiness… But I am scared .. and even I can’t tell what I am feeling?? What I am scared of ?? Should I leave you but then how could you live without me ?? 

Can you live without me ??? Should I ran away from you and from everyone??  No, how could I be so selfish. I can’t leave you..

Just one thing I wanted to say that..

To love is nothing..

To be loved is something..but

To love and To be loved is everything.. ♥♥

I love you from the depth of my heart ♡.. No one can ever take your place.



OMG !! What Have You Done ?

Last night I had a call from unknown number. I picked up the call and said hello ! Who are you ? 

He said its me your friend Hassan. Oh after a long time you called me. Where were you ? , I said. Then he said from past 2 months he was not well.

I asked him what happened ? so he said I was and I am living my life like a hell and again that conversation started which I thought of ignoring.

What are you doing ? Why are you doing ? , I asked. But he didn’t answered me and said today I met with an accident. I will send you pictures of that and he just put the phone down.

After 10 minutes my phone beeped. A notification came. He send me those pictures. I was completly shocked, I got goosebumps. And I started crying when I saw those photos.

Many thoughts and questions came up in my mind but I kept quiet.

What are you doing?? Why are you doing this??  What will you get ?? Do you have any idea what it feels to me? As a friend I”m concerned about you. And now just see yourself What have you done ?

Take care of yours.



Sleepless Nights And Endless Days.

The same day starts but never ends, and the same night starts but it never sleeps. What same in this is me. 

People get bored seeing the same thing daily. A change is needed. A change not in behaviour but in routine. A change not in attitude but in a way. A change not for me but for my life.

Need a routine to be set from tomorrow. 

Get going …



A New Blogger.​.

Hi to every blogger who is reading this. It’s my first blog. I really don’t know what to write. I am just completly blank. When first time I got to know about this site,I was just thinking that yes I got a place to express myself. A place where people hear you by just reading your stuffs. And now I am blank.

So I am starting my first blog with my introduction and something I will write which will be on my mind while writing.

My famous name is Sherry Kaur. I am from India.I have completed my schooling and will be going to join college in few months. 

I will just say one line about me that is A tiny girl from a town with not so tiny dreams.

So today I am celebrating my new life which I have got . Wish me a good luck. I have just got cured from a desease. 

Just want to say few things about life-

  • Celebrate your life as if there is no tomorrow.
  • Do what your heart says.
  • Say as if you will not get another chance to say anything.
  • If you love anyone say it today , who knows if he/she get anyone else while you were thinking who to say what I think of him/her.
  • Love your family. You will not get another.
  • Friends are best part of everones life but this can’t be true to everyones life.
  • There is no hell or heaven. Its just your karma.

Think big, dream big..