A New Blogger.​.

Hi to every blogger who is reading this. It’s my first blog. I really don’t know what to write. I am just completly blank. When first time I got to know about this site,I was just thinking that yes I got a place to express myself. A place where people hear you by just reading your stuffs. And now I am blank.

So I am starting my first blog with my introduction and something I will write which will be on my mind while writing.

My famous name is Sherry Kaur. I am from India.I have completed my schooling and will be going to join college in few months. 

I will just say one line about me that is A tiny girl from a town with not so tiny dreams.

So today I am celebrating my new life which I have got . Wish me a good luck. I have just got cured from a desease. 

Just want to say few things about life-

  • Celebrate your life as if there is no tomorrow.
  • Do what your heart says.
  • Say as if you will not get another chance to say anything.
  • If you love anyone say it today , who knows if he/she get anyone else while you were thinking who to say what I think of him/her.
  • Love your family. You will not get another.
  • Friends are best part of everones life but this can’t be true to everyones life.
  • There is no hell or heaven. Its just your karma.

Think big, dream big..




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