OMG !! What Have You Done ?

Last night I had a call from unknown number. I picked up the call and said hello ! Who are you ? 

He said its me your friend Hassan. Oh after a long time you called me. Where were you ? , I said. Then he said from past 2 months he was not well.

I asked him what happened ? so he said I was and I am living my life like a hell and again that conversation started which I thought of ignoring.

What are you doing ? Why are you doing ? , I asked. But he didn’t answered me and said today I met with an accident. I will send you pictures of that and he just put the phone down.

After 10 minutes my phone beeped. A notification came. He send me those pictures. I was completly shocked, I got goosebumps. And I started crying when I saw those photos.

Many thoughts and questions came up in my mind but I kept quiet.

What are you doing?? Why are you doing this??  What will you get ?? Do you have any idea what it feels to me? As a friend I”m concerned about you. And now just see yourself What have you done ?

Take care of yours.




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