A Past..

​I am scared.. I just can’t able to understand what should I do now ?? Whenever I return to my home town why do my past comes infront of me, in my thoughts ?? Why ?? Why me ?? Why not anyone else ?? Why do I feel like I will lose everything I have, even you ??  

I don’t wanna lose you ??  You are my strength, my energy, my believe, my happiness… But I am scared .. and even I can’t tell what I am feeling?? What I am scared of ?? Should I leave you but then how could you live without me ?? 

Can you live without me ??? Should I ran away from you and from everyone??  No, how could I be so selfish. I can’t leave you..

Just one thing I wanted to say that..

To love is nothing..

To be loved is something..but

To love and To be loved is everything.. ♥♥

I love you from the depth of my heart ♡.. No one can ever take your place.



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